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The Energy Bus Program

Through the Lewis Family Foundation’s "The Energy Bus Program," we are breaking down barriers to access by bringing essential teachings directly to underserved communities. By offering interactive workshops and distributing gift bags complete with educational materials, such as Jon Gordon's "The Energy Bus for Kids" book and a playbook football, we are providing tangible tools for growth and self-discovery. These resources not only educate but also empower children to embrace optimism, resilience, and community engagement.


By engaging with children in their own environments—whether through schools, community centers, or outreach programs—we are meeting them where they are and creating inclusive spaces for learning and personal development. By reaching out to children who may otherwise lack access to such opportunities, we are leveling the playing field and ensuring that all young people have the chance to thrive and contribute positively to society.

In essence, "The Energy Bus program" is not just about teaching values; it's about equipping children with the tools and mindset to overcome obstacles, dream big, and become active participants in shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Through this initiative, we are fostering a sense of hope, possibility, and empowerment among children who deserve every opportunity to succeed.

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